Marion lost her father to the “German New Medicine” of Ryke Geerd Hamer

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Marion Piat, who lost her father to the German New Medicine of Ryke Geerd Hamer, has decided to tell her story and start a blog to warn people for this dangerous sect. We have translated her story and posted it here:

“It started in October 2007 when my father was on a mission in Guatemala. One morning he was no longer able to urinate, a kidney stone blocked the bladder: emergency operation. The urologist who operated on him noticed the prostate had an abnormal shape and appearance. Following were: biopsy, blood tests, pessimistic diagnosis, prostate cancer.

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Chavez’s death

Venezuela is in mourning, after its president Hugo Chavez died last night of cancer.

The fifty-eight year old revolutionary led the oil-rich South American country for 14 years.

Opinion of him has always been very divided.

Our reporter – Ilario D’Amato – has more