meI have always had one goal in my life: to be a (good) journalist. I have studied and worked hard enough to be admitted to the Italian Order of Journalists. Since then, I have conducted several investigations that have given me a good reputation in Italian press and on the Internet, allowing me to get in touch with French, German and Spanish colleagues.

Thus, I realized that my perspectives were excessively narrowed down by the Italian atmosphere, composed by a closed-corporatism that leaves no room for young people and new ideas. Immediately after graduation, I moved to London to live in an open and cosmopolitan reality.

I have decided to study International Journalism for my Master’s Degree because I want to develop my natural aptitude for teamwork further and gain a better understanding of the sociological phenomena to give a clear and honest image to the readers. I know I can give my contribution to the field. City University can give me both cultural instruments and an excellent network to realize this aim.

My goal is to become an international journalist capable of grasping various nuances of intercultural society, then developing these themes into an academic research path


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